Video playback speed Android 9

We have a huge problem, we bought devices with Allwinner H6 processors. They have been really good in video playback with looping without black frame. They had Android 7 installed. Now they come with Android 9 and video playback in Xibo is 3 times faster and then it holds on last frame until normal speed video time ends. Then it plays next video, 3 times faster. All the devices same, we tested 5 of them and we are quite disappointed. If we cannot solve it we lost quite a lots of money.

How is it possible?

I found Surface view for Video rendering setted to True could help…

Thank you for your message and sorry to hear about your issue. Please answer the following questions:

  • What player version are you using with your devices?
  • When you set Surface View rendering to On, is the issue resolved?

You should find that without Texture View rendering (Surface View on) that the issue is resolved, but if not please provide a link to an exported copy of your layout. You are welcome to send the link in a private message to avoid sharing your content publicly.

Many Thanks.

We tried it with V204 and V209, both are the same… When Surface View is On, video plays normally with right speed and in sync with audio. When False, video plays 3 times faster…

We dont know if our layout will help you. Its Video widget only and with MP4 video in it.

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