Video Loop Stops Playing after 8-10 hours

Player Version

windows 2 R201-201


I have a Full screen video Running on a loop all day. and after 8-10 hr it just goes to a black screen.
All screen saver and power saver features are turned off. when I access the device with the black screen and press " i" to get the log it says at the time it goes black “Windows Media player cannot play the video because there is a problem with your video card.” and never recovers. when I close the player and let the wathdog re open it. it plays fine for next 8-10 hr’s. it is a MP4 file. the plays fine natively in windows media player. and also play fine in the xibo player for hours.

GPU = Intel® HD Graphics 530 driver version =
any suggestions

Provide screenshots where possible!

It looks like (for whatever reason) that the video is leaking memory and eventually that causes the process to die.

I’m not sure what can be done to solve that - I’d suggest trying the newer player we have in beta testing instead to see if it improves: Xibo for Windows - WPF Player Pre-release

It would be really interesting to know actually!

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