Video failed: Open not called after 4 seconds

Player Version - R308.0


We are currently using some older Lenovo notebooks for our Xibo Client, Core i3-2350, 2GB RAM, and the old mechanical drives. I know they’re old and slowish, but they do and have worked, but they appear to be timing out loading the video sometimes - not all the time.

I’m currently sometimes getting the error below “video failed: Open not called after 4 seconds”

If I close and reopen the Xibo client the video plays, so it’s something to do with the performance of the computer and that timeout.

I’ve check through the Xibo Client config xml’s but cannot find a parameter to change the video or content timeout of 4 seconds, does anyone know how to do change this timeout or have any insights to the issue?

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Check the Comment on Line 161 from Video.cs:

We make a watchman to check that the video actually gets loaded.

The video gets marked unsave and wont play for some time. You could build xibo from source and increase the delay (or maybe decrease the videofilesize / bitrate to counteract the slow lenpovo client)

hi same problem I reopen the player and it restarts without problems
computer with the following features:
i5 8gb ram

Video loading too slow. Increase delay

Hi how do you increase the video load delay?

Ah thank you very much @Schweminska - Compiled and tested successfully.

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