Video Display Issues

I have a video playing in the middle of two JPG images. Before the video starts, it shows a black image for almost two seconds, plays the video correctly and smoothly then shows a black image for about one second. The video was directly uploaded to the CMS, is in the correct format of mp4 and the duration is set to the length of the video. Is there anyway to correct this?

What player version are you using please, is it windows client?

Perhaps check if you can update your gpu drivers (and other drivers as well).

If that’s the longest running region, then the about 1s flash you see, is caused by the layout reload.
You can increase the durations on your layout to make it less frequent - but please don’t go too far, really long durations may cause playback issues.

I’m using a Windows player version 1.7.5. The video is in the same timeline as the images. I only have one region on the screen and it fills the whole screen. The duration for the video is the same as the duration for each image that appears on the screen.