Video autoplay function doesn't work

Hi everybody,

I am using the latest xibo client/player version. I have embedded the following code:

**<div class="customhtml sitemanager-customhtml">**
**<div id="LiveTvContainer"></div>**
**<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>**
**  jwplayer.key="Zxl5VdtUdbssTOe3iFCf42iZVyxQ3A5uVlgGig==";**
**  jwplayer("LiveTvContainer").setup({**
**    sources: [{**
**      "file": "",**
**      "type": "hls"**
**    }],**
**    aspectratio: '16:9',**
**    ga: {**
**      idstring: "mediaid",**
**      label: "Live Tv Container"**
**    },**
**    width: '100%',**
**    fallback: false,**
**    image: '',**
**    autostart: true,**
**    mute: false,**
**    advertising: {}**
**  });**
**</script>				</div>**

Unfortunately the autoplay doesn’t work in the player. Strange enough it works in the client if view the layout editor. But when I’m watching a preview page or the shown page on the android player the video doesn’t play. I have to play it manually by touching the button in the middle of the screen. Is this a know issue and does anybody have a fix? The only fix I know is to use a uploaded video instead of a stream. But I’d rather use a stream with an autoplay.

thanks for the reply.

I assume the ** were an attempt to show the code here and are not part of the code you embed.

I’m not familiar with jwplayer I’m afraid, looking at their documentation -
there does not seem to be much more than autostart: true, but perhaps there is something missing, I’ve never used that.

The autostart or in this case even the playback will highly depend on the Android version of your device, it might also be the case (same as with YouTube autoplay) that it is not working on all android devices.

Regarding the HLS itself, if you’re running 1.8 series CMS and player and your android is using at least Android 6 you can use the direct HLS URL in HLS module in Xibo.
For android devices running earlier Android version, you might be able to play that via localVideo module instead.