VGA Splitter Style Computer Setup

Just started using Xibo and I’m trying to get a VGA splitter style setup working using the Cloud and CMS.

We just moved buildings and in our previous location we had VGA cables running from 5 different floors up into 1 VGA junction box, then a single PC connected to the input.

Whatever was displayed on the PC was displayed on all of the screens connected to the VGA splitter.

I’m trying to get the same setup using Xibo, is this possible?

The reason why is the PC was used to control a meeting menu that changed 3 times a day, this was very easy for the one admin person to change and display on the PC, then same thing displayed on each screen on the 5 floors.

really hoping I can use Xibo to do the same thing, or is this gonna be round peg square hole?

Ok, guess I’ll pass on Xibo and just go the old school route with HDMI over Cat5 4 port splitter.

Xibo allows you to schedule content to singular as well as multiple displays and display groups. Using your example you could put all the screens that needed to show the same content into a Display Group and then you would only need to schedule your content to the one display group rather than creating schedules to individual screens for the same thing.

Take a look at our User Manual which gives further information regarding Displays and Display Groups and the Scheduling capabilities within Xibo.

YEs, but you would still need to log into the CMS and open the layout, checkout, edit the timeline, update the content, publish, etc.

Doing that 3 times a day is not practical in our scenario.

Ideally there would be a content folder sotred on a netwrok share that can be accessed by Xibo, and any file dropped in there is displayed by a the widget Xibo. So when the content in the folder is changed the widget displays the latest file (e.g, video, image, PDF, PP)

@Frenchie you know the device in this link you sent. You can give the same broadcast up to 4 screens from a single source. You do this by extending it with cat .
you can also show content that is on the local network. I don’t want to tell you how to do this at length. but there is “local video” widget feature for video. You can do the same for other content.
If you write in detail what you want to do, I will try to help.

there are likely 100 ways to do this with xibo. if it’s literally calendar content, all the admin person would have to do is go in and add/remove stuff from the built in calendar function in xibo and it would update the display as the calendar changes.

or, if you were using a pre-existing calendar system like exchange, o365, google calendars, you can use a webpage widget to show the calendar directly in the layout.

or you can use an external data widget and have the admin person just update a database with the content.

or any number of things like that.

So please give me 3 example of how you can add a PowerPoint, PDF, or jpg to a folder to be displayed on a screen, if there are 100 ways to do this?

You have given one example of using a calender, which isn’t a solution for the problem I have described, and another example of using a database, also something we don’t have. So I’d be happy to see the 98 other ways you have to solve this problem, genius!

you never said anything about PDF powerpoint or jpg anywhere in your problem description, you said

“The reason why is the PC was used to control a meeting menu that changed 3 times a day,” the closest thing i could translate meeting menu to is a calendar.

that said, if you want to have a powerpoint, a PDF, or a JPG, or any mixture of the same playing in a Xibo layout, you just add the content to the layout and then either have the administrative person REPLACE the media in the content library whenever it changes, or build dynamic playlists that will update the media in the layout whenever new media is uploaded that meets the proper criteria. all they have to do is log in to the web portal and upload the content when it needs to be changed and xibo does the rest.

it’s literally what the system is for.
you don’t have to redesign your layout every single time you want to update the content. if that was the case, literally no one would use the software

Literally said I need PDF, video, image, PP (PowerPoint) and what what would be an ideal solution in my FIRST post, please learn to read before you givee comments and suggestions.

@Frenchie, may I remind you of our Community Guidelines and ask that you remain respectful of others suggestions, they are after all trying to help you.

As @dsenette has already mentioned, there are multiple avenues open to a Xibo user to get their desired outcome so that they can select the way that is best suited for their needs.

If you do not want your admin to have to login to the Xibo CMS multiple times daily then you could for example pre load the layout with the content way in advance and use Expiry Dates to automatically remove the outdated content and show new, you could also create Layouts in advance and set Publish dates to determine when those Layouts will be made available on your displays, you could use a Remote DataSet which would sync from a 3rd party data source or change images in a Layout via the API.

However, replacing an image/PDF (media library file) is relatively simple within the CMS and does not require a user to continually checkout a layout to edit and then publish each time. A user could find the file that needs to be replaced/updated in the CMS Library, click to edit and upload the new file and tick the box to update the media in all Layout it is assigned to.

Again these are just some examples to give you an idea of what you could do.

Thank you

To be fair I answered my own question a while ago. I’ve simply replied to all of the suggestions since.

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