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Version 4.0.3


Our Systems Administrator just moved us from Xibo v3.x.x to version 4.0.3

We had made used of the “Dataset” widget and it’s ‘Appearance’ > ‘Optional Stylesheet Template’ and ‘Optional JavaScript’ features to make the the table Scrollable
(Screenshot below)

I was hoping to see in this version that the table just automatically scrolls without code, but that was not the case. Then I looked to put our JavaScript back in place to do it, but found no place to enter JavaScript…

I’ve spent 3+ hours looking through the manual, the module settings, and looking for a YouTube video to get me through it. But I’m finding no documenation.

Is there no way to have a scrollable dataset in Xibo? I’m willing to look at any other widget to get the job done if need be.

Thanks in advance for your help

Wanted to double back round and say that after extensive forum hunting and reading I found this page which tells us that in Xibo V4 the ability to change these setting right on the CMS have been revoked…

It would seem community feedback has inspired/made the dev team re-think this choice, and v4.1 MAY address this, but in the mean time we’ll have to make a custom module with developer tools.

Hi Shane,

Having those tables as scrollable is a great idea and we’d be happy to take that as a feature request. I’ve moved it into the appropriate category.

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