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Good afternoon, everyone,

I wanted to find out what the latest version of Xibo is when I go to the web interface to edit the screens and then to the point “about” is on with version 1.8.5 is that the latest?

Hi Xibo_B,

Xibo CMS is currently on Version 2, the latest release being 2.3.3. The most up to date version of Xibo CMS 1.8 is 1.8.13. I have included some links below to the Blog posts for these releases so you can upgrade. Please note that if you do decide to upgrade to Version 2, I would still recommend first upgrading to 1.8.13.

Xibo CMS Upgrade documentation:

All new releases for both CMS and Player are announced on the Blog, if you are unsure in the future of the most up to date versions, I would recommend taking a look at the latest posts for more information:

Many Thanks.

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