Version 4.0.5 not able to delete or edit scheduled events

Hello Community,

I have an issue with version 4.0.5, when I grant a user the schedule right and/or make this user a Schedule Manager, they are unable to edit or delete events in the Schedule → Grid or Calendar tabs. The row menu doesn’t even appear.

(I can only make these changes using Xibo_admin or if I designate a user as a Super Admin.)

Could you please help me? Is this a bug, or is it intended behavior?

I appreciate your assistance in advance.

Best regards

I am experiencing the exact same issue. Looks like a bug.
I’ll poke around and see if anyone has submitted an official bug report.

I confirmed the user has the “Allow edits including deletion of existing Scheduled Events” permission enabled. So this does look like a bug…

I filed another ticket in the Developer channel where I saw some other “bug reports” so hopefully it gets checked out there.

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@Dave1990 The answer in this thread solved the problem for me.

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