Version 1.8.12 cannot import old settings

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Windows 10


I cannot import old settings and db of my installation. I’ve been using xibo 1.8.12 for a while. Lately something went wrong and I had to reinstall. I have my old installation files the .sql file, which I put in cms\backup directory as import.sql. I copied the old library directory to the new iintallation location and run at powershell:
docker-compose up -d
My old settings and layouts do not come back. The strange thing is that yesterday evening I managed to get them back. In the morning I had the fresh default installation again.
Please help me to unerstand what I can check? What could be the possible reasons for not being able to recreate the old material.
I had 1.8.12, I installed again 1.8.12, planing to upgrade later.

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