"Verify All" button for Modules in CMS V4?

CMS Version

CMS V4 Revision 4.0.12

Player Type

Xibo for Android on DSDevices DSC9 and DSC9X

Player Version

Xibo for Android V3 R311



Some of my players show the error “Player is missing dependencies” and when i search for this error i read that i need to verify all of my modules but i don’t find the button on my CMS, is this button has been moved to another location ? Do you have any other solutions to fix the issue ?

Have you tried the latest version 4 of Xibo for Android?

I have not yet upgraded my perpetual licenses from v3 to v4 for my Android Players

Try with a “trial version”

There is no button to get a trial license for Xibo for Android V4 on xibosignage.com

No, just install Xibo for Android v4.
After that, create a Display Profil “Android” without licence key.
That’s it.