Valid media in stats

I accessed our database and did a search for a specific media and this media has 15 seconds, but in the search for statistics, I found that it spent 79 seconds in statId 48116954, this media is scheduled as an interruption of 3 minutes per hour in interrupt layout scheduling.

How can we understand this StatId 48116954 and StatId 48116069, it means that it passed during a 79 second loop? (image stat 1)

we have another image that we understand that the stat is correct with about 15 seconds each count.(image stat 2 ok)

already this image shows that in the same layout interruption schedule the duration is longer than 15 seconds, why does this happen?(image stat 4 fail)

Why does the start column have very different values ​​and the duration column has timestamp values, why this error? (Image stat 5 fail)

Thanks for listening.

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