V4 calendar widget schedule not returning events

Seem to be having issues with the Schedule Calendar - Light and Dark. All the other cals pull the cal info properly, but these two say, ‘No upcoming events’. All the other calendar options I try seem to work correctly. Am I doing something wrong?

All three calls in this pic are using the same ICS link, and as you can see, events are coming up, but the schedule does not want to show them.

Can you let us know what properties you have selected on the schedule calendar (not the ICS, just the various options for which events to return, etc) and we will give it a whirl?

All defaults except “Feed URL” and “for an interval of” is set to “2 days”

I have also tried it by only changing the Feed URL, and it still does nothing.


Thank you - I see exactly what the issue is now and will have it fixed for next release.

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