V4.0.3 Data Element limits?

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V4.0.3 in a docker container

Is there a limit to the number of data elements that can be placed in a layout?


When working on a menu board, one of the layouts I have contains 30 menu board products.
When I try to add more than 25 menu board product elements (Name, Price, Options, etc.) only the spinning busy icon shows up and does not save the 26th element.
No errors or timeouts are seen in the layout editor.

Same thing happens with data sets. I can only add 25 elements.

I’m currently using a combination of data sets and a Menu board to work around it.

Is that normal behavior?

Hi, welcome to the Community!

Could you take a look at the Settings page under the Administration section of the main CMS menu and take a look at the Defaults tab to see if you have a default (25) set for DataSet maximum number of Rows?

Thank you for the warm welcome.
It’s currently set to the default of 10000.

To add more information about the issue, it seems like there’s some sort of character limit being hit somewhere. 25 data set or menu board product elements on the layout editor is the limit if they contain no data.
The amount of elements that can be added is smaller depending on how much information is on each element.
To eliminate if it was an issue on my end, I was able to confirm the same behavior using an online trial.

I’ve added a screenshot of the issue. In this test case, I was only able to add 23 price data elements using the menu board products widget.
I noticed an error shows up on the console when the issue occurs. I’ve attached a screenshot.

Interesting! This will likely be the limit of the field we use to store those elements, which is currently set to MEDIUMTEXT giving a size of 16Mb.

If we’re creating 16Mb of data to store only 25 elements we might need to streamline that a bit! I’ll ask the team to investigate and come back to you.

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