V3.0 CMS Won`t shown user display/layout permissions


I have just completed the installation of v3 and there is an issue previous version was showing here permissions: Screenshot by Lightshot

The new version won`t show anything as you can see here: Screenshot by Lightshot

I need to assign each screen each user they shouldn`t seen all or nothing.

Also for the layout and campaigns are same there is no anymore showing permission option.

Is anybody able to reply with a solution?

Thank you.

Hello, the Permissions model has been replaced with Features and Share options in v3, as documented in our manual here: Features and Sharing

You will see the option labelled as Share:

Do take a look at our blog post to see whats new: What's new in Xibo version 3 - Xibo Signage

Thank you

Hi Natasha,

Oh sorry! I saw it right now.

Thank you Natasha.

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