Using Xibo as a Digital Menu Board - Allowing someone else to edit items

Hi Guys.
So i have just gotten Xibo working, and done some basic scheduling and layout designing to get me started.

Now, i have been tasked by a friend to create a digital menu system.
It will have 6 monitors, all displaying different content.
4 of the monitors will act as a menu list with 4 regions.
1 + 4 = Menu items
2 + 3 = Images of items.

The other 2 monitors will display various promotional videos, with content and effects.

The idea is for me to create the layout and manage scheduling etc, and allow the friend to be able to edit the items on the menu, including pricing etc.

So my question is, Once i have created the correct styling for a layout for the 4 Menu Monitors, how do i allow my friend who is not very tech savvy to log into an online system to edit and update the menu items?

Thanks in advance.

I’d put the menu items in datasets, then give them permission to update the datasets only.

That way they won’t have access to the layouts themselves.

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