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Good Morning,

I’m attempting to use “onmouseover” event in a dataset widget. It works fine when editing the widget itself, but it seems the CMS ignores that part of the code once it’s in production/preview. Any workaround anyone can think of? I have a 4x4 layout of tickers that show in order dataset rows. I use a dataset to store all faculty information, and then one-row ticker widgets to display them in alphabetical order - that way it updates the layout automatically with pictures/info as I add/remove faculty from the dataset.

It works beautifully, but I’m trying to, onmouseover, manipulate one of those dataset ticker widgets to hide the picture dive, and unhide a hidden div with additional information below (office #, etc.), essentially removing the picture, moving the name/title up, and displaying that hidden div below. I really, REALLY don’t want to set up “actions”, because it will require me to manually go in there and create new layouts for each faculty - which completely defeats the purpose of the automation. I also don’t want to include a new widget, as I don’t want that information to display unless the original ticker is interacted with.

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