Using dynamic content in table

Hi There,
I have a paramedic fysiotherapist organization of approx 12 therapist.

I like to announce the daily present therapist bij name (or photo). So on monday, lisa, els, petra, etc is present.
What is the best way to proceed on this ?

  1. using datasets
  2. using tables

I have tried both ways but cannot get it dynamic. i.e. automaticaly change the view per day.

I’am using stil Xibo 1.4.2. (oeps)…

Thanks in advance


I would use datasets, with some sort of day of the week column that would denote the day a particular person is there. Then in a layout use the filter option to return the match for the current day of the week.

I did something simular here

Edit: I am not sure if it works in 1.4.2, I am using 1.7.3.

Thanks a lot. This helps. Since version 1.4 doesn.t deal with numbers, I need to upgrade first.
From that point on, it’s easy.

Would you think it is possible to use also pictures instead of names ? i.e. showing these persons are at present. That would be great

Yes, you could use pictures (the image column type in 1.7 would do that for you). You’d point to a URL of the person as we don’t get support library images.