Using Dreamweaver to help create CSS

I’m no web programmer but I’ve been ask by my company to spear head this project.
So far so good I’d just like to be able to add some CSS to the elements on the signage. Does anyone know if it’s possible to copy the source code from the CMS paste it into a new Dreamweaver file then create the CSS for it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It might be difficult to do that as much of the content will be filled in at run time - i.e. it won’t be in the source code. It might be a little long winded but you could connect a player and look in the local library for the html file that is created for whichever module you are editing (the prefix for the file is the layout id).

Hi Dan

Thanks for the help and I apologize for my ignorance but when you say local library are you referring to the player local library or the local library on the CMS. I looked for a *.html on the player but didn’t see anything with the layout id name.

I’m referring to the player local library - as it shows your Layouts it will download a html file from the CMS which contains the final rendered content (configured to be shown in an area the size of the region it sits in).

Unfortunately I was a buffoon and gave you incorrect information - the name of the file is actually the mediaId of the item on its layout, which in 1.7 is a random string of characters.

If you start with an empty library and only schedule the layout you are designing then there should only be 1 of these files per media item and hopefully you can look inside to confirm which one you are editing.