Using Dataset to change Text Element based on DATE+TIME

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Hey anyone willing to listen! (Please I’m dying here)

I’ve recently setup a CMS 4.04 and I’m trying to develop a very simple layout for some displays.
I want a layout that has a static background with a dynamic image/photo field and a text field.

I have experience using CMS 3.* and I had a really good setup using the Dataset Ticker. This isn’t available to me anymore and I can’t downgrade.

I’ve got screens outside of Meeting Rooms, and the information on the screen would typically change based on a dataset with the following fields:

  • Room (Corresponds to a specific display) (String - Value)
  • StartTime (Date - Value)
  • EndTime (Date - Value)
  • SignageTitle (String - Value)
  • Logo (Library Image)

Users could then simply put information into the dataset and not have to worry about anything else as it would automatically change the information on the screen. Simple is always best!

However now we only have the “Dataset” widget, which seems to function completely different.

I have on my layout one “Dataset - String” & “Dataset - Image”.

My issue comes when I try to compare my “StartTime” and “EndTime” data to the current time (Using NOW() or CURTIME(). This worked fine in CMS 3. For example:

Dataset Field: SignageTitle
WHERE Room = ‘Meeting Room 1’ AND NOW() > StartTime AND NOW() < EndTime

I’ve tried rewording this filter about a million times thinking my SQL statement generation was incorrect but I’ve scoured every inch of this forum and online looking for examples and nothing seems to work. Most work perfectly fine on the Dataset Ticker from version 3 but it seems version 4 is just different filtering?

There’s not a lot of documentation/videos on 4.04 yet so it’s really difficult to try and learn. I feel like the features I’m trying to implement are very simple and I feel like an idiot for not being able to get it to work.

Also - the CMS Regional is set to GMT+11 (Australia) and I’ve tried every time format under the sun including:

Y-m-d H:i:s
d-m-y h:i A
d-m-y h:i

which are the formats I found people using on these forums.

What do you think? Am I doomed for picking 4.0.4? Or am I missing something fundamental about these comparisons? Is there another method to achieve the same outcome?

I didn’t take screenshots as I’m not sure what to really show, but if anyone has any ideas I’d be very grateful.


Hi and welcome to the community.

Could you try removing WHERE and your single quotes must be ungendered or they won’t work,' vs and to see if that resolves your filtering issue?

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