User Roles not working properly

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CMS Version 4.0.7


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Initially, I created a user with Group Admin as User Type and Display Manager as User Group.
Another is a user with User as User Type and User as User Group.

When one of those non-super admin users tried to add a new display, only the admin can see the added displays by the non-super admin user.

I was expecting that a user with Display Manager as User Group, it has the access to see displays that was added by him/her or other users under his/her User Group. However, this is not the case.

Is there a documented process on how are the User Types and User Groups work?

All answers are highly appreciated. TIA!

Hi and welcome to our Community!

It was felt that giving User Groups full access by default could cause issues and so the decision was only Super Admin users can see and authorise any new Displays. Super Admins can then grant access to the required User/User Group using Folders or directly sharing.

A breakdown of User Types used in the CMS can be found here and an overview of User Groups here.

I can certainly add a note to this section regarding adding Displays by a Super Admin for further clarification.

I hope that answers your questions :slight_smile:

Hi @touchpoynts

By default, I enable this features for all users: