User group presets - help needed

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Version 3.0.2

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3 Revision 300


I love the User Group settings and the way to work with it. Today I did set up a group for users that mainly will add and create data in datasets. That is working perfectly.

Then I was asked to give the possibility of preview the layout (to check if text length is ok etc).
But I need to have the ‘Allow edits including…’ checkbox checked to allow a WORKING preview. (see screenshot). If not checked, the preview of layouts is there but with errors.

Could there be a way just to allow previews without being able to delete and edit?


Hi, great to see you are taking advantage of the User groups and Features in v3 :+1:

You can set Share options on Layouts with regards to View/Edit/Delete properties so you can enable View and the User will not be able to Edit or Delete the Layout.

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