User Group Confusion

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I am a bit confused about the behaviour of user Groups.
I noticed that I only have a group User and Group Admin in the section User Groups.
But on changing the group field in a User I also see the group Super Admin.
The Admin user had the group ‘Super Admin’ configured. Is this a default group that can not be altered?
Or is there another place I missed where the groups are managed?

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So, to clarify:

There are User Types:
Group Admin
Super Admin

They are pre-configured and cannot be changed, you can’t add new types there.
More info:

Now for the actual user groups, by default there is:
userGroup called ‘Users’, with some basic default permissions which can be edited
you can also create your own custom userGroups and assign them permissions.

New user must have a only one user type but can be a member of few userGropus.

Please let me know if you’d have more questions about it :smile:

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User Types and User Groups.
I think i got confused because one of the types is called ‘Group’ Admin :smile:

Thanks again!