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How can I give a user rights to access Campaigns?

From the users’ menu security, I added Campaigns, but when I login with the user it says that there has been an application error and I don’t have access to this page.

So the very minimum for a user to see and be able to create new campaign

Page security:
Homepage and login

Menu security

  • Design
    -Top Nav


  • Permissions to view/edit specific layouts (otherwise the layouts list on campaign page will be empty)
  • Permissions to view/edit existing campaign (if you want that)


How can I make the user unable to delete a certain layout from a campaign? Is that possible?

sorry that isn’t possible - “edit” permission includes the ability to remove a layout… at that point you’d need 2 campaigns scheduled at the same time (they will be interleaved)

That’s clear, thanks for the quick reply.

If its a massive pain for your use-case then please feel free to submit a feature request for it. we could include a setting that forced “delete” permission requirements for that action… although generally speaking I think this might prove to be confusing.

It is more likely that we would need the “assignment” itself to have permissions - again might be confusing :smiley:

But anyway, if it is a major pain we’d be happy to consider a solution - just create a topic in the features category and reference this post.


I have made a topic in the features category.

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