Use CMS as Proxy

HI There,

REading the Manual I think the awnser to my question below is ‘no’.
Just to be sure.

We are using Android CLient on an internal network.
The clients do not allow proxy settings.
The Server and CMS on the other hand do.

Is there a way to use the CMS server as proxy for external content.

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Sorry it’s taken a while to reply.

Android itself can accept proxy settings. You need to go to the wifi connection, then to advanced settings, and specify the proxy details there.

Xibo for Android will then use those proxy settings to pull in external content.

If your using an Ethernet connection, most device manufacturers don’t include proxy support on those devices, so you’ll need to root the device and use one of the Android proxy apps in the market to set a system-wide proxy - which again Xibo for Android will then use.

It’s not possible to have Xibo for Android proxy external content via the CMS - with the exception of RSS feeds. RSS feeds are downloaded by the CMS, processed, and then sent to the Player.

Thanks Alex,

We can not use Wifi for these devices due to company policy.
I will look into rooting then. May that can provide the solution.

Thanks any way.