Use Case Scenario, Thoughts?

Hi Xibo user forum, I am glad to be here and hopefully the Xibo product will be a good fit for my use case. This is more of a functionality question than anything and want to throw it out and see if anyone has any input.

I am in the process of creating what will be a mobile art exhibit that will be driven around from place to place, loaned out for various events and things of the such. This is going to be focusing on Photography and will be doing different galleries and artists at different times.

It is my desire to create the exhibit entirely on Open Source software, I have long been a fan and enjoy the cleverness of people and their willingness to share. I have tried several different RPi projects and they all had some quirk or another, limitation, or missing a core feature. Also have tried some commercial solutions, but they just don’t meet our mission. This is something that we are building and will be offering for free to the public.

These are the things that I need, and from everything that I have read, it looks like Xibo will work and I love the cross platform support in case we end up doing video or something like that, the equipment can be updated or expanded to suite whatever purpose.

  1. Lots of screens will be displaying content. They will range from 15in to 65in and all displaying images that are scheduled. Probably 50 screens at this point.

  2. Boot to Images. This exhibit will be getting turned on and off a lot. It would be great if I could schedule power downs and will just use WOL or something similar when I settle on hardware and not have to go around plugging in Keyboards and opening apps or running scripts.

  3. We will be serving content from a local source due to the portability. of the gallery, I see in the newer version that URL is supported, so I am very curious to hear how it works for you all.

  4. Reliable. This is probably the largest complaint that I have with some of the other projects that I have tested. Flaky, weird, kind of unpolished. The hardware is iffy at best and its all cobbled together into a birds nest of code.

  5. We need to be able to create some templates for monitors that a random person could throw some files in easily and set them to run, without much experience.

It would be a bonus if we could, in a pinch stick a thumb drive into the devices and load content in the event of a communication or network failure, etc.

I appreciate those who read this and offer input and hopefully, we have found what we are looking for.Once we get it all built, and configured. Cant wait to show you all.

Hola buenos dias.

Con Xibo y Raspberry Pi 4 (Android de Tablet) se puede hacer… y la opción de encender y apagar muchas veces lo he probado tambien.

Gracias por la aportación. He descargado el software y el reproductor, parece que se ajusta a mis necesidades.