Usability issues and Bugs with the media upload form. - CMS V3.0.3 / .3.0.1

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CMS Version

3.0.1 / 3.0.3

Issue - 01

The media upload form repeats the same message several times in the same field as new media is entered.

Issue 02

Form does not allow you to select more than one media at a time during submission.
It is necessary to click on the “Add Files” button for each new media that needs to be inserted.

Issue 03

Modal is too small for the size of the field inputs.
This gets in the way when we are naming the media.
Note: this only happens when the media upload form is started in playlist editing mode

Hi thank you for taking the time to provide feedback :+1:

The issue with the repeated text message has been identified and will be resolved in the next release:

You should still be able to select multiple files (as in earlier versions) with the Add files button and once you have set the still to be used for the thumbnail clicking on the Start Upload button should then start the upload of all files. I have tested this on my 3.0.3 Cloud CMS and all seems to be working as expected.

I will certainly pass on your comments about the naming restrictions.

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Thank You for the support! :smiley:


Hi, just a quick update. After speaking with the development team they will look at making improvements to make the naming less cramped when uploading media files within the playlist editing mode for a future release.

If you dont use Tags you could disable to get more room as a workaround in the meantime.

Hi Natasha! we really appreciate it!
It will be very useful.

About your suggestion: how do I disable the “tags” field?
thanks again

If you go to Features for a User/User Group and then disable the feature set for Tagging:

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