Uppgrade Windows docker 2.3.9 to 3.1.0

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CMS Version

Version 2.3.9

Installation Method

Windows Docker

Operating System

Windows 10


Hi - So I have a windows 10 Docker install - currently version 2.3.9. I want to upgrade the CMS to 3.1.0. I’m not sure how to do a docker CMS upgrade. I did come across a post that says you can just stop the container, replace the docker-compose.yml with the latest one and then restart container and it will be upgraded. Is it that simple or more needed to do as i don’t want to lose the library etc.

I haven’t done any docker before so no idea how it works etc.

Hi @Ninja, please take a look at the following guide: Upgrade Xibo for Docker install | Xibo Digital Signage

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