Uploading an image with API


I’m trying to upload an image located on a distant storage with the oauth2 api, I’m giving this link : (

I’ve tried it with different image format and size but nothing changed.

You’d need to download that file to some temporary storage first and the upload it. Without seeing the code for your request, its hard to comment further.

I’ll try to explain what I’m trying to achieve so maybe it’ll be easier.

My goal is too drop files (videos and images) inside a directory located on the machin that is hosting Xibo (but not in the same directory) and in the next few minutes, these files are displayed on the screens

And each X minutes, there is a script check the directory where files has been dropped and:

  • for an image : upload it to xibo and schedule it to be played on the displays
  • for a video : create a layout with a local video widget and schedule it to be played on the displays (working)

So if the script detects that the file is a image, it will call this function :

And that’s when the error occurred.

I also tested to upload the image manually using the CMS and it worked, but I can’t get it done with the api.

So think you’re giving the $url parameter as the below?

And the error is saying that file is too small (0 bytes), which would be true because you’re trying to pull a file from a URL rather than a local path. If you gave a relative local path there, does it work?

So yes that was the problem…
We found it a few minutes ago after hours of work, I haven’t seen your answer
Anyway it’s working with local path.

Thank you for your answers.

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