Upload Library in Xibo 2.1.0

It is difficult to upload media through library API.Parameters are correct still everytime it shows “File is too large or too small” and if it not show any error then there is cross sign thumbnail in CMS.

Can you mention the proper documentation for xibo 2.1.0 api except this link Swagger UI ?

The call itself looks ok I think, you do really need to fix your environment first, as I mentioned in your other topic.

Otherwise quite a lot of things might not work as expected.

If you still see some issues after the environment is correct prepared, then you may also want to double check if all php settings are correctly set.

Generally speaking it does not look to me like an issue with API call, but rather the environment setup itself.

The environment is correct and I’m getting a correct response also but the thumbnail in CMS is invalid (a cross sign).