Upgrading Xibo CMS 1.8.9 to 3.3.1

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Ubuntu 20.4


Can Xibo 1.8.9 be upgraded straight to version 3.3.1? Or do I have to upgrade to 2.3.x first?

First, upgrade to the latest version of 1.8 which i think it is 1.8.13 (not sure but check Github for the latest version). Make a backup of your database (or whole system) and go from the latest 1.8.x to the latest 2.x. Backup again and upgrade to the latest 3.x

At each upgrade, doublecheck if your displays are still working correctly before going to the next big update.

Let me give that a try.

I was able to upgrade from Xibo CMS 1.8.9 to version 1.8.13 with no problems. But when I tried to upgrade from 1.8.13 to 2.3.16 all appeared well but the Xibo login webpage shows 1.8.13. See below.

By the way, I haven’t started connecting permanent displays and creating actual production content. So preserving that data from version 1.8.9 is not an issue.

Any help would be appreciated.


I see 2 different things, Local CMS and docker. Those two are to separate environments.
first export the mysql database from 1.8.x
stop apache (or other webserver you are running)
Start docker 1.8.x and with phpmyadmin (add in yml config) and restore your database.
than from that, keep changing the xibo version in your yml so it will update your database.

Dear Vishal Debipersad,

Xibo CMS version 3.3.1 is up and running. As I stated earlier I’m new to Xibo CMS and server environments.
Thank-you for your help and have a Happy New Year.

Greg Seiber

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