Upgrading Players in 1.8.12


We have looked at how we can make Upgrading Players that little bit easier in the CMS without the need for User's having to select many Displays or Display Groups to do a simple Player Version upgrade, and so we have done exactly that...

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Is this only for the Android players? I tried to upload the MSI to my Player Versions Page and I get a “File Type not allowed”. I know in the past the auto upgrade has only been for Android players and the not the Windows (.msi) players.


Upgrading Players in this way is not supported for Windows Players. You will still need to install the new version: https://xibo.org.uk/docs/setup/upgrading-xibo-for-windows

Thank you


Just to add, at my location, our Windows devices are on an enterprise Active Directory domain. We recently (with version 1.8) began working with our domain admins to push the updated version using SCCM.

I don’t have any other proven methods off the top of my head, but I’d imagine there is probably some alternate management system that could be used if you have a lot of devices. Another way without a system I considered doing this before we started using SCCM was having the players map to some network location and having a Windows scheduled task on the players that would periodically run a script (stored on the network storage) to copy the installer from the network storage to the local drive and silently install the update from that location at some point overnight followed by a restart. If there was no update, the script would just have no contents.

This was purely theoretical and never tested so it may take some experimentation for someone to do, but I did something similar in the past to execute software during off hours to backup information to another drive.


Thank You. We have been using PDQ to push the player install to our units. That has worked well. I was just curious if this was going to integrate a bit more with the CMS for our windows clients. Natasha answered that it isn’t yet for .msi files.


Thank you for clarifying Natasha.


Hi @snappyss! Are you using free version or paid version with PDQ?


Hey @Mark123 we are using the free version. I don’t remember the exact command we are using, but I did have to install the player manually once and do the configurations. But to update I believe there is a -silent or -unattended option in the .msi file. It had been a bit since I have used PDQ to push the update. My apologies.