Upgrading php from 5 to 7 - Getting an error

Hello Everyone

I’m trying to update our server running XIBO with the new php program.

On the server:
Following this https://webhostingmedia.net/update-xampp-php-version-windows/

  • Stop the Apache module in XAMMP
  • I replace php files with the new version (in the c$\xampp\php directory)
  • Update Apache (httpd-xampp.conf) file (replace all php5 to php7).
  • Start the Apache module and it’s running with no errors in the log.

On my computer:
Accessing the XIBO application thru the browser if get this error:
“Fatal error - Sorry this shouldn’t happen. could not find driver”

Is there something I forgot to do … like copy an .ini file or update a file somewhere ?

Server is running :
OS = Windows 2016 - 64 bit
XIBO = 1.8.9
XAMPP = 3.2.2
Apache = 2.4.33 (win 32)
php = 5.6.36 (need to update this to 7.2.33 (win 32)

Need Help - Thank you, Andy Leduc.

The error suggests your PHP installation is missing the MySQL driver.

The guide isn’t ours, so I can’t comment on whether that’s the right thing to do or not. Our supported installation method is with Docker - where we provide a tested environment as part of the CMS installation.