Upgrading from 1.6.4 to 1.7.5 now can't log in

Hi there, I’ve been given the task of upgrading our Xibo so that we can actually use the software. As it stands right now someone in the department created a Xibo install on our server using the 1.6.4 CMS. We have now decided that we actually want to try and use the software but the user interface 1.7.5 can’t talk with the 1.6.4 CMS. I’ve tried going through the tutorial but every time I “finish” it seems to default back to the 1.6.4 CMS and my admin login doesn’t work. I go through the 6 step process, including setting the admin account but it just doesn’t seem to be working when I get to the end. For what its worth I have no issues with just doing a “fresh” install as we haven’t used the software up until now and we have nothing that needs to be backed up. Any help on getting this up and running would be great.


That sounds a lot like the installation process rather than the upgrade process.

For an upgrade you should archive the current 1.6.4 folder, delete everything accept settings.php and then extract the contents of the 1.7.4 install archive back into the old folder.

When you navigate to your CMS you will be presented with a login, once logged in you should already see the 1.7.4 CMS UI (with the side menu instead). If you don’t then stop there because something you’ve done isn’t right (perhaps clear your cache).

The upgrade, assuming you can get to it, is a couple of steps only.

Adding the old settings.php back into the folder did the trick. Thanks for the help!

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