Upgraded CMS - Connecting first Linux player

Player Version: 1.8-R5

This is the first player I am trying to connect to a CMS that was upgraded and migrated to Docker.

The About info in the CMS shows version 2.3.3.

I have installed the xibo-player from the snap store and I am having issues connecting to the CMS.

If I launch xibo-player.options with that command from the terminal, I filled in my CMS address, Server Key and chose /home/user/snap/xibo-player/50/xibo (- does this look correct? I used browse to go to /home/user and created the folder xibo-player but this path shows up in the player with /snap/ added).

When I try ‘Save’ in the xibo player options I get ‘500 Internal Service Error’

I ran xibo-player from the terminal and the Xibo splash screen opens but I see the error in terminal (screenshot attached)

I cannot see this display appear in the CMS awaiting a licence to be assigned.

If anyone has any info to help it would be very much appreciated.!


This seems to be a permissions issue with my user in Ubuntu on the player system - resolved by uninstalling Xibo player, adding the signed in user to the sudo group and then reinstalling Xibo player.

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