Upgrade Xibo Cloud CMS from 1.8.13 to latest version

We have a Xibo cloud subscription streaming to 2 android clients with version 7.1.2 and the installed Xibo app is version 1.8.

We would like to update it to the latest version or at least the latest version compatible with our system.

it’s possible? Is our system compatible with the latest versions?

Thank you

Hi Langianni. Please note for the future that you can request support for Xibo cloud hosted CMS instances in the Help Desk.

You can request a CMS upgrade by logging into your portal account and selecting the My Plan option. If you click the button at the end of the entry for your CMS you will see the upgrade option:

The latest version at the time of writing this reply is 3.3.2. To be able to use all of the features and latest additions to the CMS you will need to ensure you are also using the version 3 players as well. Please feel free to open a ticket a ticket on the help desk for more support setting up your players on the latest version to match your CMS.

Many Thanks.

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