Upgrade problem

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CMS Version


Installation Method

Docker Desktop

Operating System

Windows 10


I have a many times updated 2.2.3 working quite fine on windows 10. Only exporting configuration end up with the error “Configuration Problem Dump del database fallito.” under the xibo logo.
I tried to update as I always did to 2.3.4 with the procedure “docker-compose stop” then I unzip the new cms file in the xibo directory then I run “docker-compose up -d”. I can login in the updated version, I can see displays correctly but all library and all campains and layouts disappears, even if they seem there cause i can select them in the default layout of a display or if i try to create a new layout with the same name it says that already exists. Do I have to upgrade to another middle version before to go to 2.3.4? What i can try to update and keep my layouts and campains?
thank you

Please clear your browser cache.

ok, i’ll try. Thank you

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