Upgrade layout question

I have just upgraded and need to upgrade a layout but was wondering how ling it takes and if I need to be logged in?

I have selected upgrade layout and it just spins to the point it logs me out. Will this still upgrade in the background as it is quite a bit layout

Layout upgrades typically take a second or two. If yours took longer there was likely some issue. It won’t be upgrading it in the background.

You should log back in and try again. Failing that consult the logs and see if there’s an issue.

Thanks, I went into logs but it did not have any

You may need to adjust the filter to show records from longer ago.

Is the layout still saying it needs to be upgraded or is it upgraded now?

It still needs upgraded,

I might try a clean install of Xibo as it was an in place upgrade

Unless you have scaling issues with that layout then there’s no massive need to upgrade it. If there’s no problems then I’d leave well alone I think.

I need to make changes and it will only let me do that buy upgrading it

You can change a layout without upgrading it. Sounds like there’s an underlying issue preventing you making changes to layouts. Logs will hold the answer.