Updating the content

Hi guys,
I have been watching how the updating content mechanism works and found out the following:

  • When a new layout is published, system shows the Xibo Splash screen for a while until the content is downloaded. Once the content is downloaded, it will not necessarily be shown correct if you happen to have a layout with for example a RSS ticker text, a clock or a forecast including media files. Media files are shown the soon the downloading content is completed but the other parts of the layout are not shown until the player is rebooted.

Question a) Can we disable the splash screen?
Question b) Why the system starts showing splash screen while it could first download everything and once the content is in the hard drive than start displaying the new content?

Any ideas about this?
I am using v1.7.8

a) No.

The idea is, the default layout is a simple not often changed layout that’s displayed when there is no other layouts scheduled. If you’d have that instead of editing your default layout with new content then it should work better (and exactly as you want it to) - and also there will be no splash screen, since it will display your default layout in the time needed to download scheduled layout(s).

Thanks Peter :slight_smile:
I however am not sure if understood what you are saying.
Are you saying that we should always have a default layout for the player and second layout that is either scheduled or not?
I have several layouts that are used as default layout and i change them once a while.
Whenever i change the layout, i first have to watch the splash screen and after that an uncompleted layout which forces me to reboot the player.

Can you please describe a bit,
what is the functionality of the default layout?
IMO, default layout should be the one which is in use no matter scheduled or not.

My point is,
if the default layout has been replaced with another one, player should never display the splash screen, it should first download the new layout with all its content and once the download is completed, simply switch to the new layout by overwriting the old one.
Splash screen should be displayed only if there is no content at all for avoiding the empty blank screen.

I hope this makes sense.

Best regards

The recommended way is to:

Have simple layout assigned as a default layout to your displays - it will work as a backup in case the scheduled layouts are invalid or if there is nothing scheduled.

More complex layouts scheduled to displays, you can create the schedule events with specific start/end time to plan what should be displayed and when.

So, scheduled layouts will be displayed as specified in the schedule, if there is no layout scheduled at any given time, then player will show the default layout.

Splash screen should be displayed only if the default layout is invalid or updated with new content (which as I said is not recommended, at least not too often).

Thanks Peter :slight_smile:
Means i understood correct.

I wish there was no need of using default layout.
Looks like with out default layout, there is no possibility of preventing splash screen or uncompleted layout.