Updating Powerpoint Library Item - Client Not Updating

Hello Community!

I have probably a simple question but I just can’t seem to find an answer. I have a layout that contains just a powerpoint presentation from the library. This is then scheduled to run on a display group over 2 displays. This works fine, however if I make a change to the source library to update the Powerpoint and save the clients never seem to update. Even if I close the Xibo player and re-open they still display the old powerpoint.

The Display Profile settings are set to 15 second collection intervals with download window start time and end time set to 00:00

Thanks for any help in advance!


Did you tick this checkbox? If yes, then updated version should appear in your layouts and then on your displays.

On a side note, please have a look here PowerPoint | Xibo Digital Signage
We generally recommend saving your presentation as a video and upload it to a video module in Xibo.

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the reply, I tried this morning checking that box both before and after clicking on browse and uploading a new powerpoint and saving. The clients still show the old version, I am going to try converting to mp4 and seeing if that works and I can possibly talk the users into not using native powerpoint.

I’ll let you know the results.



The MP4 update worked completely as expected, I will try to make the push to have them save the powerpoint as an MP4.


You’re welcome :smile:
I am glad that we managed to solve your problem