Updating a layout is not working "Last check was not required"

Player Version

Windowd 3.301.1


Hi Xibo community.

I come here with a very ennoying trouble.
I have made a fresh installation of Version 2.3.9 in my own VPS. I use 3.301.1 windows client to install on N40 (Celeron type) little player.

When i go to : layout : design and i change something in a active and scheduled layout, the change NEVER appear on the screen.

The ID of the Layout change when i publish it and when i’m logging into the player, status is : “Sleeping, last check was not required”

Tested :
XMR address is OK
9505 is OK
Hours is ok
Collection interval is ok, i waited the time
I even try the old good ALT+F4 + reload app

nothing tells my player to go for ID 2044 to 2045 (ie).

The only strange way to manage this : make a copy and schedule the copy of the layout.

Anyway to manage this, it’s become a very big prob for me, i have indeed teach to all my customer to update layout to ease the process.

Any idea?

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