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We are currently updating a backend service called Grafana. As a result of the woefully outdated version of Webview on the DSDevices we had we had to run an old version and a new version of Grafana while we removed the DSDevices from production and got them replaced with Windows based players.

So we ran two instances of Grafana that were mirrored. The original ran at grafana.domain.com and the new ran at newgrafana.domain.com. We are wondering if there is a way we can leverage a simple database level update to update all the URLs in Xibo that are now pointed at newgrafana.domain.com back to the grafana.domain.com or if we are going to have to edit all 40+ layouts manually to repoint back to the base grafana.domain.com?

Something like this might work

UPDATE `widgetoption` SET `value` = 'new_domain' WHERE `value` = 'old_domain';

You’re going to want to rebuild your layouts too, so something like (this is a blunt tool, if you have a lot of layouts you will want to restrict that by name or otherwise to limit the query)

UPDATE `layout` SET `status` = 3;

It’s a constant battle/trade-off; compared to a lot of SOC/dedicated signage products the web engine we use is positively new. We’re taking steps to improve how often we update this, and so your feedback is useful.


@dan thanks for the guidance.

I am more than happy to talk about the DS devices and the Android webview piece. I ran beta level firmware on two separate occasions on DSCS9 devices. We were able to get along for a while after the first one but the second round of ‘non-production’ software I tried was unstable and liked to crash on me pretty regularly. I’d be happy to discuss specifics directly if you would like. Effectively I think regardless of what you want to try to maintain since the DS Devices are now your babies you should be striving to provide a path for keeping the webview within 5 or 6 versions on stable.

DSDevices are close to having a firmware ready for the 9X which has a newer web view.

I agree with your broader point, we (Xibo) do need to have a tighter loop on firmware updates. It’s something we keen to work on, and to find the right balance between stability and freshness.

That would be cool. We have scrapped our DSCS9 series devices already. I have like 15 or so of them. Some brand new, that we will be recycling I guess due to our inability to address the compatibility. Which sucks. However its good to hear that you are pushing the product line in a positive direction even if it comes too late in the game to save us from full Windows Client deployments.

Oh and more on the original topic LOL… I did try this and I still have to at least do a Publish from the Web UI to get the displays to update. Not sure why.

You may have considered and ruled out our Dashboard service which supports Grafana? It is an option for where we have no control over the device/webview (such as in 3rd party android devices or webOS/Tizen). You can read about it here in any case: Xibo Dashboard Service | Xibo Digital Signage

Do you have XTR running? Regular maintenance is the process that builds these layouts. As you’ve edited the options directly in the DB, and then set the status, you’d need something to build those. As they get build the displays should get notified that their layouts have changed; even if you have something in draft already.

To the best of my understanding XTR is running. Honestly our install started on version 1.8 I think and has been upgraded repeatedly from there as a docker install so… unclear? I ended up cleaning up our install and manually checking out and publishing with the new DB changes in place. Worked like a charm that way at least.

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Its worth checking that the background task runner is operational (just go to CMS → Administration → Tasks) and see that the last run is ticking up.

If you’re running out of docker I am sure it will be as the container comes with it already setup.

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