Update ticker from dataset


I need to update the the ticker output after a defined time.
The start and end time is defined in the dataset but but without reloading the content do not update.

Any ideas how I can update the ticker content over the dataset.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Tickers have their own Update interval which you can adjust while editing ticker widget on a layout - the default value is 120min I believe.

That being said if your layout has some really long durations, ticker won’t be refreshed until the whole layout reloads.

What you could do then, is to create the very same ticker in the very same region (ie so you’d have the same ticker widget x2 in one region), then when there will switch between them they should show newer, upgraded data - assuming of course the player collection interval and ticker update duration allows that.

Hello Peter,

i tried that but the output is the content from that moment the player was started.