Update problems

Like another topic recently posted, I’m getting trouble with some news and Forecast.
When I set the storage to a different partition of the PC, it works. All the content goes to the other disk part. I checked it in the Storage settings, while the contents were downloaded I saw the available space gettin lower.

There are 4 news layouts from different sources, only one worked well. The others just find the text, the image not. Same at the forecast, it download some data but the temperature and icons not.

If I deactivate Public Storage, all works well. What could be wrong?

The Client’s log do not show any message…


So, similar to Getimagesize error, but for you it is downloading images from some(well 1) source.
Just so we are clear on this, what versions do you use? (CMS and player)
Do you also have empty ticker files in your player/cms local library?

For logs, do you have debugging/auditing enabled ?
(displays -> edit device -> advanced tab -> Auditing)
(Report Fault page -> turn debugging on)

If you could enable those above, then schedule your layout and:

  1. Open status window and take a screenshot.
  2. See if you can find any errors in logs.


The CMS does all the downloading initially, so should you first make sure your feeds/tickers work in the Layout Designer.

The player storage settings wont have any effect at all

Well… All the layout are working on the CMS Design and Preview.

I noticed a strange behaviour again. If I change the storage to internal, wait to images be downloaded, and switch again to public Storage, the images work till the next update on the feed.

I get the Log before I did this, and the only error was:

“2015-07-15 08:17:08”,“module”,“”,“Module created with MediaID: debc7bef4cb4ffd44609bfb7a53f6dd2 LayoutID: 13 and RegionID: 10211466565553ab3eac63f”
“2015-07-15 08:17:08”,“Layout”,“GetLayoutXml”,“IN”
“2015-07-15 08:17:08”,“Layout”,“GetLayoutXml”,“OUT”
“2015-07-15 08:17:08”,“module”,“SetMediaInformation”,“Existing Assigned Media XML is: \n <?xml version="1.0"?>




“2015-07-15 08:17:07”,“layout”,”“,“Loading permissions for layoutid 13”
“2015-07-15 08:17:02”,“module”,”“,“Creating new module with MediaID: 613 LayoutID: 0 and RegionID: "
“2015-07-15 08:17:02”,“module”,””,“Module created with MediaID: 613 LayoutID: 0 and RegionID: "
“2015-07-15 08:17:02”,“module”,”“,”ob_end_clean() [ref.outcontrol]: failed to delete buffer. No buffer to delete

After I made the storage switch and then back again to Public, the follow erro was shown:

“2015-07-15 08:45:01”,“Client”,“StorageOptions”,“Removing point that doesn’t exist: /mnt/media_rw/sdcard0”
“2015-07-15 08:44:38”,“module”,“”,“Creating new module with MediaID: 223 LayoutID: 0 and RegionID: "
“2015-07-15 08:44:38”,“module”,”“,“Module created with MediaID: 223 LayoutID: 0 and RegionID: "
“2015-07-15 08:44:38”,“module”,””,"ob_end_clean() [ref.outcontrol]: failed to delete buffer. No buffer to delete

My client version is 54 and the cms is 1.7.3

So it’s fine as far as CMS is concerned - designer/preview.
The problem is with Device’s storage, when you switch it between internal storage and public storage (actual or emulated sd card) it should download files again.
Do you use an actual sd card or just the emulated one? Maybe it’s set to read only in which case player can’t save anything on it.

But one of The News is working fine, and all The videos has being downloaded.
The only problem resides in The images, The ticker text works well…

The OS is installed on the SD. It uses 4gb for the main partition and 10gb in a secondary partition.
As I said, the clients recognize it and download all data correctly on the secondary.

One thing I did, but don’t know if it could cause the problem, I cleared all Xibo Data and Cache before change the storage to clean the OS partition.


Bad news… Another PC of mine have the same problem, and it has a fresh install…


I didn’t see what could be wrong, maybe you guys find the problem one day, but my solution in the moment was resize the system partition. Luckily, it was a simple process.

Anyway, thanks for some tips given. =)

We’ve not had a report like this before to be honest - so we are unlikely to fix it unless we can get to the bottom of it (I appreciate the incentive has gone now that you have a workaround).

I wonder if it is an issue with opening the html file from the secondary storage (some sort of permissions issue in your firmware).

There is a setting to “Always store resources on local storage” which you might want to try if another of your devices starts having the issue.