Unsupported image type



I hope someone can help me with an issue I am getting. I am trying to request a screen shot from and Android client and nothing happens on the CMS. I have tried searching on here and can’t see anything obvious. I have enabled logging and I get the following error message

Unsupported image type. GD driver is only able to decode JPG, PNG, GIF or WebP files. Exception Type: Intervention\Image\Exception\NotReadableException

Any ideas please?



I think the error comes from trying to thumbnail a screenshot that doesn’t exist yet, so I don’t think you need to worry about that.

Screenshots on Android go over XMR, so have you correctly configured XMR in the CMS, and your XMR server?


Thanks for the reply Alex,

I don’t know much about XMR but I did try using the option to reconfigure under the display advanced tab but it now appear to have broken the connection to the client as I can’t collect from it anymore.

The error I get is
This Player is not configured or ready to receive push commands over XMR. Please contact your administrator.

Any idea what I’ve done wrong?


You’ve done nothing wrong. The Player will re-register for XMR next time it collects.

That won’t make it work though if you’ve not setup an XMR server, configured it and then configured the CMS to use it.

How did you do the install? Docker or Custom?


I’m using the cloud based CMS and the android Client. Should I have used Docker for the installation?


XMR has now come back but as you said the problem is still there


If you’re using a Cloud CMS from Xibo Signage then XMR has already been correctly configured for you.

The most likely reason XMR won’t be working is either that there’s a firewall blocking the Player from accessing the CMS on port 9505/tcp, or the date, time or timezone are wrong on your device. Even a few minutes wrong will cause a problem.

If you can have the device set its own time from the internet, and check that the timezone configured is correct that will give best results.


Ahh, there is a firewall so I expect the port is blocked. I will try that this evening. Thank you for all your help


No problem. You’re welcome.

If you can’t get that port opened (the Player is connecting to the CMS on that port for clarity - the CMS doesn’t need to connect to the Player), then you can still use commands with the schedule instead. You can’t use on demand commands though as there’s no mechanism to push those through in real time.