Unknow error from webservice

Hello i have a strange problem, i have a java program which have 2 threads which communicate with the API. When a thread call layout/checkout method, it has an error “Unexpected Error, please contact support.”

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Hi Energy 45, welcome to the Xibo Community :slight_smile:

Can you please provide more context as to how you are using the API, what you want to achieve, for example what call you are using and what that call looks like in your setup? Thank you.

Hi nell thanks for your reply
I have Xibo cms installed on a Wamp server. I have a java program which accesses API. It use checkoutLayout call in the two different thread. When they send the call at the same time, i have an “Unexpected Error, please contact support”. It happens only when they send at the same time. Should I register one application in the CMS for one thread or not ?


Are you checking out the same Layout?

No, each thread checkout their own layout.
I have a layout called ‘absence’ and the other ‘information’

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