Unhandled exception / Out of memory


I am currently running Xibo Client and faced with a cashing problem. When arriving on the weather display, it crashes. I have the following message from Microsoft .NET Framework (translated from French):

"An unhanded error occurred in your application… Out of Memory.“
Text of the exception
System.OutOfMemoryException: Not enough memory”

After that i have a bunch of informations that I don’t really understand.

I am running it on a Laptop with 2.00GB RAM and I have tried reinstalling Microsoft .NET, adding RAM via USB… I’m not really sure what to do though…

Thanks in advance for any piece of advice you might give me !

Do you have any 3rd party software installed that might use your laptop’s resources?

Weather display - is it embed/webpage item?
If so perhaps try to install IE 11 and make changes to the registry browser emulation setting as described here Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

in earlier IE versions there simply was a memory leak, so perhaps that’s causing your problems.

Hello Peter, and thanks for your answer ! I’ll try to install the new version of IE.

I’ve tried to change the order of the displays and surprisingly, it’s not only with the weather module, it crashes at the 4th page…

Upgrading to 1.7.5 (if you haven’t already) is definitely recommended and IE+browser emulation settings should help with embed/webpage etc issues.

So, working on Vista, I am unable to do any updates for IE, seems to be on the latest update. Concerning Xibo, it is running on the 1.7.5 version.

The only thing running background is Xamp.
For the weather, it was the Forecast IO from Xibo.


Hello Marine,
Is it an immediate crash the first time the weather display is shown or after a bit of time. I can vouch for what Peter described as a problem (IE memory leak). We put in place a simple scheduled task and script to shut down then restart xibo.

Can you elaborate a bit more on the comment regarding earlier versions of IE with the memory leak. We have ~ 30 displays running client 1.7.4 one Win7 Enterprise with IE11 and all updates and we still have to terminate and restart our Xibo instances every 12 hours as they will crash within a 24 hour window of them being started.

Kevin, Marine

We know that there was a bigger problem in earlier IE versions and Microsoft at least made it better in later IE versions, but looking at the MS forums and some issues that our customer like yourself have etc it’s quite easy to see that it’s still far from perfect.

We obviously can’t have much control over what Microsoft does, we can only hope that with later updates it will get better and recommend as I did in this topic to upgrade IE and make the change in the Windows registry - browser emulation.

We are aware of the problems and we do try to make Windows player as good as it can be given the circumstances, there will be updates coming for Xibo for Windows client, I can’t promise you that it will solve your problem entirely but it should help.

My apologies that can’t give you anything more specific or something that you’d be more happy with at the moment.

u have changed the computer it was displaying on, and everything is ok now.

Thanks for you help :wink:

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