Unable to upgrade 1.6.0 to 1.7.0


I am in the process of updating our Xibo configuration. I have managed to upgrade from 1.2 all the way to 1.6, how ever when I try to upgrade to 1.7 after extracting the zip file, coping it to the web server and transferring the settings.php to run the upgrade I get a “No input file specified” error message. I can see the address bar has changed to SERVER/xibo/upgrade.php but looking at the webserver folder the file isn’t there.

Am I meant to be upgrading using a different method or is there somewhere I can download the upgrade.php file from?



There are issues going from 1.6 to early 1.7 releases.

Your best bet would have been to have from from 1.2 straight to 1.7.3, but as it is going from 1.6 to 1.7.3 should work OK. Any reason you’re going to 1.7.0 first?

HI Alex,

I tried going straight to 1.7.3 but had the same problem so I assumed that I needed to go through from 1.4 - 1.6 etc. Looking at all the versions of 1.7.X I have downloaded they are all missing the upgrade.php file from the root folder.



1.7 doesn’t use upgrade.php anymore. The upgrade is done by index.php

What do you get when you load index.php?

Hi Alex,

The original issue was caused by left over temporary internet files that have now been removed.

When I try to carry out the upgrade now I am told about upgrading the database from 72 to 87 but the following error is displayed.

An error occurred running the upgrade. Please take a screen shot of this page and seek help. Statement number: 80. Error Message = [SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1025 Error on rename of ‘.\xibo\schedule_detail’ to ‘.\xibo#sql2-3ec-79’ (errno: 152)]. File = [Array]. SQL = [ALTER TABLE schedule_detail DROP FOREIGN KEY schedule_detail_ibfk_9].

Any assistance with this would be great



Seems like at some point the database was cloned or restored from backup without restoring the key constraints.

Upgrading it from that state would be a manual process - running each command line by line (adapting the queries as required) to get it to upgrade and then restoring any missing constraints.

Thanks for your reply Alex,

I found a database backup taken before an earlier upgrade and managed to apply the 1.7.3 upgrade on that one without any issues.

Great. Glad you’re up and running now :smile: