Unable to stream a rtsp feed to a Windows Xibo Client

In one of the layout, I created a region in which I want to show a local video (the local video is from a video feed from a streaming server). I added a local video to the timeline. Below is the setting that I entered:

I tested the rtsp feed using VLC on the Windows Xibo client machine and it works. But it cannot be displayed on the Windows Xibo Client.

I noticed this message from the client info widwows - “Unable to start new localvideo object: unable to find the specified file”

Did I miss something here? Any idea on how to resolve this. Thanks,

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That setup would work on a Xibo for Android Player (stream format permitting) but I don’t think the Windows Player has the same ability.

Is there plan to add this capability to xibo Windows player?

It should allow that in the 1.7.2 windows player - which version are you using?

I am using 1.7.2 but still unable to stream a rtsp video. Please advise how to make it works. Thanks.

On further investigation it turns out the video control doesn’t support streaming - so unfortunately that means we can’t support it in Xibo for now.

We have no immediate plans to replace the video control in the windows player - not until we have a new player ready.

Sorry :frowning:

For WIndows:

We’ve successfully run an RTMP (via Open Broadcaster Software to an niginx server that accepts RTMP) feed that goes through a video.js player embedded in a simple HTML file on the nginx server. Because we only have a few displays, I configure the Xibo box to pull double duty (e.g. running CMS and streaming). We then embedded HTML in a Xibo content region & iframe’d the video player page in. Took a little tweaking on content region size, etc. but so far everything works like a charm.

Not sure if you have the option to change the feed type on your streaming server. If so, the above strategy may work for you, too. If not, there are other Javascript packages that will play RTSP streams (flowplayer, possibly?) and you can then still use the iframe method.


Glad to know you found a work around. Will give it a try and see the suggested method will work in my environment. Thanks.