Unable to import .csv to dataset in 1.7.4

I am trying to import a .csv data created in Excel, into a dataset in Xibo version 1.7.4. I browse and select the data, and Xibo says ‘file upload complete’. Then I check ‘overwrite existing data’, then select ‘import’. A message appears that says ‘CSV file does not exist’.

I have the same number of columns in the csv file as in the data set, and the same column heading names. Any suggestions what might be going wrong?

If it’s empty (in Xibo) then you don’t need to tick the ‘overwrite existing data’ checkbox.

Anyway, it should work, you can send this .csv to me if you want me to test it (you can give me link here or via pm)

Do you have any issues with uploading other content to Xibo?
Do you have any (X) marks on ‘Report Fault’ page in CMS?

I’m sorry I can’t give you a link. I would be happy to email you the .csv file, but:
I have tried to import any .csv (saved from MS Excel) using corresponding datasets with few or many columns and I get the same message every time, “CSV file does not exist”.

That is an upload problem rather than an import problem (not that you were to know) - the first thing the system does is try to read the file that PHP has uploaded.

Are you sure you are waiting for the file upload to complete before pressing import?

Thanks, it does say ‘file upload complete’ almost immediately. Are you thinking it might need some extra time?

I’m thinking it might be failing for some reason - “CSV file does not exist” is raised as an error because the application is looking for the CSV you just uploaded and can’t find it.

Can you follow the fault page and page your troubleshoot.txt file (redacted if necessary)?

I’m sorry I’ve been slow to respond. I am asking for help with your request, and will get back to you. Thanks for your attention.